We are the ones we've been waiting for

Yesterday I tried to get some screen captures of Katherine Jeffers, but for some reason the software didn't work. At the beginning of the ceremony, Katharine knocked at the west doors of the cathedral, and, once she entered, was formally presented by representatives of the Diocese of Nevada.

Bishop Frank Griswold, the outgoing Presiding Bishop, presented her with the pastoral staff, a symbol of her new role.
Today being the first Sunday of the month, Daughter in Ohio sang with the children's choir in church. Because we just celebrated the Feast of All Saints, one of the hymns was "I Sing a Song".

You can meet them in school, on the street, in the store,
in church, by the sea, in the house next door;
they are saints of God, whether rich or poor,
and I mean to be one too.
In her sermon, Mother Rebecca spoke about three saints, Absalom Jones, and Katharine Jefferts Schori. She echoed the words of the hymn--that we are all called to be saints.

"Saint" is, of course, a religiously loaded word, and may be too alien for some here, but maybe I can translate a bit. I have the unshakable sense that we are here--alive, awake, and aware--at this point in history for a reason. Nearly three years ago  I wrote:

One of my favorite Paul Simon songs, which I was singing along to on our recent drive to Chicago, is "Born at the Right Time". We really were born at the right time. We all were. We are here at the right time. Howard Dean's candidacy came along at the right time--and we were ready. Someone commented in the blog once, "We are the ones we've been waiting for!"
There are a number of reasons I believe that Katharine Jefferts Schori is here at the right time, but the one I find particularly striking today is that she is a trained oceanographer. She understands and can speak to the importance of humans living in right relationship with the natural world. From the end of her investiture sermon...

Let us join the raucous throngs in creation, the sea creatures and the geological features who leap for joy at the vision of all creation restored, restored to proper relationship, to all creation come home at last. May that scripture be fulfilled in our hearing and in our doing.
I thought about Bishop Katharine's words last night as we were watching Truth. I also thought about the talk I recently attended by David Korten, author of Turning. Both Gore and Korten stressed not only the urgency of the need to reverse the damage our species is doing to this planet, but also that there is reason for hope. One of the things I remember from was Gore saying "We have everything we need, except the political will to change things." But more and more it's becoming clear that the change will need to be from the ground up--grassroots action. And more and more, there are signs that people are ready.

During elections, we see some pretty extreme polarizing, but when you ask ordinary people about the issues that matter to them captured by "left versus right" thinking...

Most polls tell us voters want politicians to get on with dealing with the big, difficult, emerging issues of our time, such as global warming, globalization, health care, education, biotechnology, giant corporations out of control, violence around the world, and the future of their children. But our political system is not supplying what people want.
Don't tell me we can't rise to every challenge tomorrow holds, and demand leaders who give us hope instead of selling us fear. We're Americans. We can do anything. Together. It is time for a new direction in our country. It is time for new leadership that shares our vision for this country.
It's time--it really is. Can't you just feel it?

All In The Family

The top Nielsen-rated television program from 1971 to 1976, All In The Family is widely regarded as one of the greatest TV sitcoms ever produced. Inspired by The Flintstones and The Honeymooners, All In The Family focused on the weekly antics of its own loud-mouth, politically-incorrect Fred Flintstone/Ralph Kramden clone, and like his predecessors, Archie Bunker has a hidden sensitive side. Ingeniously written and downright hilarious, All In The Family established new ground for TV sitcoms with its willingness to take on the taboo social issues of its day. Topics covers included bigotry, racism, homosexuality, sexism, death, and other namby-pam, commie-lib feminist ideals (at least that's how Archie would say it!) A true mammoth in the history of TV, All In The Family also led to a pair of highly successful spin-offs: Maude and The Jeffersons¦

Australia Must Meet Its Obligations

Australia must meet its obligations under international agreements to provide help and refuge to asylum seekers fleeing war and persecution

Richard Wong

Australia is having yet another round of its "great refugee/asylum seekers controversy". Government and Opposition are competing to prove that they are the tougher on "protecting border security" than the other.

Some Australians do have a phobia about the country being overrun by foreigners, refugees, boat people and so on. This negative trend in Australian society winds back through the recent Howard government's 'Pacific Solution' that involved the incarceration (sorry "processing") of thousands of asylum seekers on Nauru, then to the upholding of the White Australia Policy into the 1970s and even 1980s,

Bidding For The 2012 Summer Olympic

It was the first week in July 2005, the 6th day to be precise. The place was the Raffles City Convention Centre, Singapore. The special occasion was the 117th Ordinary Session of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The purpose was to meet and vote to pick the location to host the XXX modern Summer Olympic Games.

At the start, there had been 9 cities competing to hold the 2012 Olympic Games. On the 18th May 2004, these were reduced to 5 main candidates. Havana, Istanbul, Leipzig and Rio de Janeiro had been unsuccessful in their aims to influence on technical factors and were purged from the continuing procedure.

Five names were put forward to the ultimate voting procedure. The cities chosen for the eventual ruling were London, Madrid, Moscow, New York and Paris. Of these, the French capital carried the weight of being the most fancied.

Bingaman Quitting From Congress

Senator Jeff Bingaman is anticipated to declare his retirement from Congress today. The Senator has been in public service for over 30 years. This can be the end of his fifth term in Congress. Bingaman is the sixth senator to declare that he won't be running for re-election.

Retirement of Senator Bingaman

Bingaman is a senator in New Mexico that is democratic. He has been in for five terms now. He was first elected to his Senate seat in 1982 after spending four years as Attorney General in New Mexico. This announcement comes days after first re-election polls showed Bingaman winning re-election easily in New Mexico.

A minimum of six retirements in 2012

Brace For A Re rating

The Indian voter has thrown the biggest positive surprise in the 2009 General elections. The recent election results are momentous from India's perspective, because after many years we are getting a stable government at the centre. The number of seats won by the Congress also gives it overwhelming clout within the coalition.

Coalitions Seats*

UPA 262

NDA 157

Third Front 67

Other Parties 30

Fourth Front 27

Total 543

* Source Election commission, IBN Live

The incumbent Congress led UPA surprising most pre poll analysis and exit polls, have managed to get an almost near majority. As they say in Bollywood, "Singh is King"; it is the return of the economist turned central banker turned finance minister turned Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, to continue on a much stronger platform. An important point to take note is that this coalition is of fewer like minded parties (8 parties) compared to the previous one (15 parties), so fewer moving parts. The composing parties of the UPA don't have any ideological differences either on a social front or an economic front and hence implementing its agenda would be easier. The Communist parties (Left front), whose support was critical for the better part of the tenure of the last government and which often came in the way of economic reforms, have been marginalised and most likely will have little say in how the government is run or its policies implemented over the next five years.

Case Study Increasing The Popularity ( Or Votes)

The road map for achieving Page Rank Five ----then move on to “ Six

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And other four Seo's would be using various web marketing vehicles to increase the popularity of website.

One person can increase the popularity by 1200 -1500 per year .

Therefore four multiplied by (1200-1500) =4800 - 6000 popularity per year.

Celebrities And Bidets

It's no secret that bidet seats have been in the news a lot lately. After all, they are still a relatively new concept here in America, and are certainly less mainstream than in other parts of the world. Many people are still getting used to the idea, while others still need to be educated on their benefits.

But certainly, the popularity of the bidet is growing. As people begin to realize the health and ecological benefits that paperless bidets and bidet seats bring, more and more people are utilizing these bathroom wonders.

And of course, anything trendy usually has some celebrity backing. As you sit back and enjoy the Academy Awards this evening, I thought it would be a good idea to list some of the celebrities who have come out in support of bidets. Here are just a few:

Circle Of Fame Ring Boulevard

The Ringstraße is a circular road surrounding the Innere Stadt district of Vienna, Austria and is one of its main sights. It is typical of the historical style called Ringstraßenstil of the 1860s to 1890s. The street was built to replace the city walls, which had been built during the 13th century and reinforced as a consequence of the First Turkish Siege in 1529, and instead of the glacis, which was about 500m wide.

In 1857, Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria issued his famous decree "It is My will" ordering the demolition of the city walls and moats. In his decree, he laid out the exact size of the boulevard, as well as the geographical positions and functions of the new building. The Ringstraße and the planned buildings were intended to be a showcase for imperial Habsburg grandeur and the glory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. On the practical level, Emperor Napoléon III of France already demonstrated with his oulevard-building in Paris how enlarging the size of the streets effectively made the erection of revolutionary barricades impossible.

Communicating Democrats’ Agenda For The ‘common

All the polls today point to a significant Democratic advantage, both on how the parties are handling the key issues as well as how people will vote on Election Day.

Yet, as early November approaches, Democrats would be wise to understand that they are where they are, not because of their efforts, but frankly in spite of them.

The only conclusion we will be able to draw from a big Democratic win is that Americans are not so much embracing Democrats as much as they are rejecting Republicans.

As a Democratic strategist who helped President Bill Clinton fight his way back from the GOP takeover of Congress in 1994, I have been disappointed that the Democrats have not offered a positive and forward looking agenda for America that expresses how in President Clinton's words they will address the "common good".

Dr Rodney Howard Browne And The Great

Rodney Howard Browne discusses truth and freedom. In prior days, we studied the tenet of gaining freedom by knowing God's Word. For us to take in the truth, we must do more than simply read or learn by heart Scripture ; we must also meditate on it - then the Holy Spirit will teach us to apply the Word to our lives. Rodney Howard Browne teaches that God does not simply free us from old negative thought patterns and feelings of inadequacy ; He frees us to serve Him with our entire being.When we become very worried about what the people next door think about us, whether we are secure enough, or which things we are lacking, then we have tiny to give away to anyone else. But the Lord wants His folk pouring their lives into those that are suffering and wounding. His limitless love releases us to accept others in their present condition. Rodney Howard Browne emphasises that Godly freedom carries responsibility.We are responsible to our siblings and sisters who are in need. If we think the Lord has liberated us for ourselves, then we have failed to understand, and we're not actually free. God has saved us, provided us, and armed us with His love so we will carry out His universal goal : to bring to everyone the good news that Jesus Christ is Lord. In a total reversal of the Earth's system, our freedom has roots in our obedience to God's purpose for our life. We have got a choice to accept His love for us, and we must decide whether to speak that love with others.